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St. Louis media development including web design, graphic design and animation since 2002. If you can see it with your eyes, hear it with your ears, and it can be put on a website, then Bohn Studios can most likely build it in-house.

Well crafted websites are rooted in style, usability and communication. In 2018, awesome websites contain a lot more than just "web design" and laying out graphics. The content is where it's at! Bohn Studios not only creates websites, but provides all-inclusive media development experience for its clients. Bohn Studios professionally crafts websites using the latest responsive web design techniques, website graphic design, and manages long-term SEO campaigns that emphasize integral value.

So what about all the other stuff you can put on websites? Awesome content makes an awesome website. The best design doesn't mean jack squat if your content isn't good. That's why Bohn Studios places a great deal of emphasis on online video games, video production / editing, special effects and everything else you need to give your message an edge.

When the project is important, experience is gold

For over 15 years, Bohn Studios has created hundreds of custom designed websites. Bohn Studios works on a wide range of website projects ranging from simple brochure sites to websites with dynamic user interaction and ecommerce capabilities. Creating websites that are easy to use and load very fast are essential to our success. From national broadcast television shows, grammy winning artists, and small to medium-sized businesses, you can rest easy knowing that you are working with web ninja's that are battle tested and can handle the types of projects that make most other media developers cry because "it's impossible" or "too hard" or they need a ridiculously inflated budget to cover the "unknown" (in other words, their lack of experience).

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Featured Web Design Portfolio

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